Sure, sure women say they don’t care about looks. However, lets be real for a moment and realize that they do! So lets get down to the nitty gritty and find out what muscles women REALLY care about. In order from least to greatest.

 Strong hamstrings – Women love being on top so they can rub against your pubic bone. If you have conditioned hamstrings than you can make their job much easier.

 Large biceps – Come on this is a classic. You had to know it was going to be here.

 A big chest – Apparently women love our chest as much as we like theirs. So luckily for us we can make it bigger. So if you got a bird chest than you’re doing yourself a dishonor by not getting out there and doing some bench presses!

 Rock-hard calves – Women want a man who is all around fit. They don’t want a man that looks like he can lift 400 pounds but can’t run half a mile. They find it disappointing.

 Sculpted shoulders – Sculpted shoulders truly bring a broad back together. These can be pretty hard to achieve so they may take some work.

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 A broad back – Pretty simple. They view this as a representation of how capable you would be of protecting them. This stems back to our ancestral roots when we would be getting attacked by sabertooth tigers.

 A nice butt – Could have fooled me but apparently women care about a nice butt almost (and I ‘m using almost loosely) as much as we do. I thought males were the only ones who can appreciate a nice bootie but apparently we aren’t.

 Sculpted forearms – Well well, it’s your lucky day, all of that self pleasuring for once hasn’t gone unnoticed. Women love forearms. When a women see strong forearms they think that you can do almost anything.

 6-Pack Abs – Yup that’s right guys. You had to know this one was going to pop up. Due to the amount of attention you have to pay toward your diet and your workout routine these are the most respected

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